Bachelor star’s shock act online

A former contestant on The Bachelor used Craigslist to advertise “party needs” when really she was selling cocaine.

Melbourne woman Georgia Tripos pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine and ethylpentylone and knowingly deal with proceeds of crime in the County Court of Victoria on Thursday.

The 29-year-old former Bachelor star admitted to selling the drugs with a friend using the online advertising site Craigslist between February and March 2017.

“Tickets sorted? Grab some White VIP for $350,” one of the ads posted on the site reads.

“Sort out your weekend properly,” it urges.

The beauty salon owner almost made it halfway through season 4 of The Bachelor with Richie Strahan in 2016.

But Tripos was nabbed for drug dealing after her friend and co-accused Kristiana Karakostas sold a gram of cocaine to an undercover cop at a car park in Mount Waverley in March 2017.

Days later police swooped on Karakostas and Tripos at the real estate agency the pair worked at, but only Karakostas was arrested during the raid.

Karakostas has since been sentenced to a three-year community corrections order after pleading guilty to drug trafficking and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Later the same day Tripos drove by her friend’s house twice during a police search and she was followed and arrested at a nearby footy club carpark.

They found $3,136.70 cash in her car and during search of her suburban home found $3,350 in a safe, resealable bags containing a white powder and one contained 0.1 grams of cocaine. There were also cocaine purity test kits found in another bathroom.

A phone was analysed and police found 49 texts related to drug sales or offers to sell cocaine between February and March 2019 including two texts linked to undercover police.

In total police said 68.5 grams of the drug was sold.

The synthetic ethylpentylone was found in Karakostas’s possession but Tripos was charged because she agreed or understood the arrangement was in place to traffic the drug.

Defence lawyer Damian Sheales told the court in the time since the offending she made an “impressive” effort to turn her life around.

She had undergone drug rehabilitation, started her own business, was genuinely remorseful and aware of the “wrongness” of her actions, Mr Sheales said.

Tripos will be assessed for a community corrections order and will be sentenced later this month.

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