Boy stuck in lollipops tin rescued

A four-year-old Melbourne boy stuck in a sticky situation has been dramatically rescued by firefighters after getting trapped in a Chupa Chups tin.

Alessio Caruso, 4, was suffering from lockdown boredom when he climbed into the lollipops tin and got stuck while playing at his Burnside Heights home in Melbourne’s northwest on Wednesday afternoon.

His mum Sheree Caruso tried to pull him out but his legs wouldn’t budge so she called triple-0 for help.

Much to her surprise they sent all three services – police, fire and ambulance – to help free her son.

“How’s everyone’s Wednesday?,” she posted on Facebook.

“Mines great. I had to call emergency services and tell them my son is stuck in a Chupa chup (sic) tin. Never. A. Dull. Moment.

“I felt like the biggest idiot calling emergency being like ummm I don’t know who I need but my son is stuck in a Chupa Chups tin.

“They alerted all services. I nearly died. They were all so lovely.”

Ms Caruso said firefighters squashed the tin as much as they could and then used a belt to slowly move his legs up and eventually he was able to move them.

“I think he tried to sit down so his feet were flat against one side and knees against the other. I could not budge him,” she said.

Ms Caruso said Alessio was “totally fine” after being rescued and thinks the comical incident made the emergency service workers day.

“They had a good giggle about it, especially the two young cops that rocked up,” she posted.

One of Ms Caruso’s friends said she now had the “perfect photo for his 21st”.

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