Extreme step to win I’m a Celeb

With the hit reality show coming to an end this weekend, Abbie Chatfield’s number one supporter has gone to extreme lengths to help her win.

As I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here nears an end in 2021, we‘re on tenterhooks waiting to see who has taken it out as the winner.

On Sunday, Australia decides … but one friend of Abbie Chatfield’s is campaigning extremely hard for her to be the queen of the jungle.

Jess Brody, who appeared on the same season of The Bachelor with Abbie Chatfield, went as far as getting “SMS ABBIE 1995 1010” tattooed on her wrist in support of her friends.

Abbie posted photos of the tattoo and Jess at the tattoo parlour on her Instagram.

“@jessica_brody got a tattoo of SMS ABBIE 1995 1010 to help @dementia_australia so if you don’t vote it means that she will have a permanent reminder,” she wrote. “Don’t let this flop. Vote for Jess’s sake. For legal reasons the last photo is a joke and I have documentation of her consent. #imacelebrityau.”

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In the final photo, Abbie jokingly had her hand in a gun position up to Jess’s head.

During the penultimate episode of I’m a Celeb, viewers were left disturbed and angered with the final challenge that Abbie took part in.

The Bachelor star was distraught after a snake latched onto her arm and bit her during a confronting challenge.

A handler and Dr Chris Brown had to run onto the set to help remove the snake as Abbie slumped to the ground screaming and in tears.

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Remarkably, she continued on with the challenge after the bite and put her hand back in the box which was filled with snakes.

In a statement to news.com.au, Abbie said: “Being so close to the finishing line, not even being struck by a snake could make me say those immortal words: I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! (even though I knew I could at any time!). The medical team, and host Dr Chris Brown, tendered to me straight away to make sure I was all okay. I am super proud of myself to have got through it and landed myself into the live grand finale on Sunday.”

Viewers were shocked by the footage of Abbie being bitten, with some calling for I’m A Celeb to be banned in the wake of this and other dangerous stunts that have aired this season.

“Can honestly say it is horrific watching someone being bitten by a snake!” wrote Mark Nilsson on the show’s Facebook page.

“That snake biting Abbie was f***ing TRAUMATIC,” another viewer wrote on Twitter. “Say all you want about it not being venemous, Dr Chris, you and the producers are f***ed in the face! This sh*t is unnecessary.”

The finale of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! airs on Channel 10 Sunday night.

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