First a rush on toilet paper, now this

First Melburnians were fighting in the supermarket aisles over toilet paper. Now there’s a rush on doughnuts.

The sugary treat became the talk of the town early on Monday when it was revealed Victoria had recorded no new COVID-19 cases or deaths.

To celebrate the much-needed good news after months of lockdown, Melburnians began posting photos on social media of doughnuts to symbolise “zero” and rushed out to buy them.

“We are definitely seeing a huge spike in demand for doughnuts in our Melbourne stores,” Coles spokeswoman Meg Rayner told radio 3AW on Monday afternoon.

“The bakery team this morning obviously didn’t see it coming, and there’s been a flurry of excitement trying to make sure that we’ve got enough stock in our stores.”
Ms Rayer said it wasn’t long after the daily COVID-19 figures were released and the doughnut emoji began trending on social media that people began flocking to buy them.

“The photos we’re seeing on social media of people celebrating with a six-pack of doughnuts are filling our feeds,” she said.

“We’re just going to keep churning them out all day. If the people want doughnuts, we’ll make them.”

All Day Donuts in Brunswick reported their biggest trading day since they opened six years ago.

“We opened at midday and we had 30 people at the door and we’re standing here going, ‘What’s going on?’” manager Wade O’Connor said.

“Then we got online and had a look and saw everything.

“In our first hour we sold all our doughnuts for the day which is a few hundred.

“So, we’ve madly had to do a second batch, and that is almost sold out now as well.”

Victoria Police also chimed in on the trend. “It’s true. Police love doughnuts,” they said, in an image posted on their Twitter.

“Donuts. Zip. Zilch. Nil. ZERO! Well done, Victoria. This is an amazing achievement for which we say THANK YOU on behalf of all essential, health and emergency workers. Keep it up!” the post said.

Melbourne man Matthew Galer was among those expressing joy about the development on social media.

“I’ve never been happier for there to be no doughnuts at Woolworths #CovidVic #DonutDay,” he tweeted.

It is the first time Victoria has recorded no new coronavirus cases since June 9 as pressure mounts on the Premier to ease Melbourne from tough lockdown restrictions.

The 14-day rolling average is also below the safe threshold of five, falling from 4.6 to 3.6 overnight. There are seven cases from an unknown source.

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