How mistake led to $2 million lotto win

A Melbourne man who mistakenly bought the same lotto ticket twice is more than $2 million richer after winning major prizes on both entries.

The Boronia player held two of the six division one winning entries in Saturday’s TattsLotto with each winning entry worth just over $1 million.

Since both of his tickets — which were purchased online — were the same type of entry, he won a total of $2,112,578.20.

The Boronia resident burst out laughing when he was told of his winnings.

He said he didn’t realise he had bought the same ticket twice.

“I play every week and I usually just press ‘play it again’. I didn’t realise I had pressed it twice,” he said.

“It’s crazy! I never imagined I’d get those exact numbers once and win, let alone twice.

“It’s the best mistake ever. I’d be happy to make a few more mistakes like this one.”

He said the numbers were hand picked at random by his family.

“We put all of the numbers in the box, and then I asked each of my immediate family members to choose one.

“So they are special numbers, but not birthdays or anything, just special because my family helped me choose them.”

The Melbourne man said he needed time to think about how he’d spend the money but planned to give some to charities.

“Maybe we’ll pull their names out of a box too,” he said.

The winning numbers in draw 4101 were 1, 2, 7, 8, 15 and 35 while the supplementary numbers were 5 and 10.

There were six division one winning entries across the country with three from Victoria and one each from Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

There are now 151 division one winners so far in this financial year.

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