Hugh Sheridan dating Insta model

The actor who came out late last year has shown off his hunky new boyfriend on a romantic Bondi Beach date.

Hugh Sheridan has been soaking in the summer rays and gallivanting in the ocean with his hunky new boyfriend Kurt Roberts.

On Monday, the Australian actor, 35, was pictured passionately kissing his new man during a beach date in Bondi, with pictures obtained by the Daily Mail Australia.

The publication revealed that Sheridan’s boyfriend is Instagram and TikTok star Kurt Ackermann, known as Kurt Roberts online.

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One of Hugh’s close friends divulged to the publication that, “Hugh and Kurt have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and he (Hugh) recently introduced him to his family.”

While he is famous online, he is also known to be a financial assistant.

The new boyfriend of Sheridan’s is also a seasoned model, who has previously posed half-naked on the popular gay men’s magazine DNA.

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During their beach date, the couple made no effort to hide their affections for one another as they kissed in the water, with Sheridan jumping into the man’s waist.

The date comes after Sheridan wrote a deeply personal essay for Stellar magazine late last year, discussing his sexuality for the very first time.

He told the magazine: “I’ve never felt I really knew who I was and I didn’t like the sounds of the labels that people were giving me so I decided to say nothing.”

The 35-year-old made it very clear that he was “never ashamed” of his sexuality, but added “some people are working things out slower than others”.

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The star also revealed that he was often advised to hide his sexuality for the sake of his acting career.

“Figuring out that I connected with the same sex the way I did the opposite sex was almost a relief, so that advice was confusing,” Sheridan said.

“The way it was explained to me was that women wouldn’t want to pay to see a movie or TV show if they knew they couldn’t have sex with the leading man. And it made me angry.”

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