Hughesy cops backlash over on-air jab

David Hughes cops a large amount of backlash from his fans after getting the COVID jab live on air.

Comedian David Hughes has upset his large fanbase after getting the COVID vaccine live on air.

During a segment on the Hughesy, Ed and Erin radio show, they had Dr Van Mai on to give the host his jab.

“This is big for us,” Hughesy said. “We’re nervous.”

“So am I,” Dr Mai joked.

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“You’re nervous because of the radio, not because of the procedure,” Hughesy added. “The procedure is something you have done a number of times?”

“Quite a few,” Dr Mai confirmed.

Hughesy went on to get his vaccine live on air, stating he didn’t even feel it when it happened.

However, this wasn’t something that sat well with some fans after the clip was uploaded to Instagram, with many claiming there was nothing in the syringe and that Hughesy was part of some conspiracy theory.

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The comments rolled in:

“I thought Hughesy was smarter than that,” wrote one user.

“Puppets,” stated another.

“Show the actual vial. Just more propaganda.”

“Oh no. How the hell can someone do this to themselves. So many deaths #vaccinesuicide.”

There have been rare cases of serious adverse reactions from the AstraZeneca vaccine, however governments and medical groups have maintained COVID vaccines are safe for the vast majority of people. In Australia, it’s recommended people under the age of 50 receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Some people on Hughesy’s social media profile questioned whether or not Hughesy was paid to advertise the vaccine.

“How much did you get paid to do that??? ppffttt …vaccines are KILLING people are your promoting them [sic]. Disgraceful.”

“Garbage! There’s nothing in the syringe, that’s very obvious!! Such blatant lies!”

“Lol clown. enjoy being a puppet [sic]. I’ll stick to remaining healthy without being coerced into toxic injections from gov and b grade celebrities [sic].”

“Weird move by celebs publicising this. You literally stand to gain nothing (people aren’t all of a sudden going to start loving you because of this). Instead you stand to lose a huge amount of followers who don’t agree with coercion/selling out. Anyway – as you were.”

“Idiots good luck with your adverse reactions [sic].”

“Would help if he actually pressed the plunger down ya gooses [sic]. Sellouts!!!! #boycottfakemedia.”

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