Mass panic hits MasterChef contestants

During Tuesday night’s pressure test, the contestants on the gantry are extremely panicked as their friend continues to fail one tricky task.

Things aren’t looking great for MasterChef contestant Dan during Tuesday night’s pressure test elimination.

Dan and his teammates Therese and Justin were unfortunately thrown into the pressure test after failing the group challenge on Monday night’s episode, along with Brent who was automatically in the elimination after being in quarantine for the past week.

The team failed the first challenge of ‘Masters Week’, not executing their pasta to perfection for the ‘master of pasta’, Andreas Papadakis.

Tuesday night’s episode is all about chocolate, with ‘master chocolatier’ Kirsten Tibballs setting the extremely hard task.

During a clip shared exclusively with, it looks like Dan might not make it through the challenge at all when his chocolate balls continue to fall off their sticks and into an absolute mess on the kitchen counter.

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Dan is tasked with dipping his chocolate spheres into a marbled pattern of melted chocolate, in an effort to get a swirl-like texture on the ball.

However, the balls must be stuck upside down on a plastic piece of equipment to dry.

Dan is met with a huge amount of applause and cheer from his fellow contestants watching in the gantry as he dips his first successful ball.

“My heart is literally in my throat,” Dan says.

“The gantry start cheering, I start cheering. It is actually looking really, really beautiful. Maybe this is enough to save me,” he continues.

There are about three different contestants on the gantry who excitedly tell Dan that his balls “look the best”.

Unfortunately, the mood switches very fast as the balls start to fall off their sticks – much to everyone’s horror.

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“The ball keeps falling off the stick,” MasterChef judge Andy Allen tells Kirsten.

“Oh no,” she exclaims.

It’s clear that Dan is in trouble now, with every single ball he attempts falling off their stick, increasing his chance of going home.

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The remaining contestants try to help Dan relax, reminding him that he only needs four balls, but as he continues to dip and hang them up, they continue to fall to their demise.

To find out who leaves MasterChef on this challenge, tune into Channel 10 at 7.30pm.

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